Welcome to Doolist!

Hi! My name is Dave Knowles and I am the founder of Doolist. My aim is make Doolist the best experience website in the world.

How to get started in 3 easy steps

  • Press Register on our homepage, complete your details, then click on the confirmation email we will send you to activate your account
  • Set up your profile, tell us a little bit about yourself and what your interests are
  • Start to list all the great experiences you have had, and all the other experiences which you want to do in the future, on your very own Doolist

If you're having trouble thinking of experiences don't worry! Doolist will recommend other experiences which we think you will love. You can also check out our easy to use homepage for some more great suggestions.

The Doolist philosophy

The Doolist company motto is 'Carpe Diem', which is Latin for 'Seize the Day'. Doolist is for people that like to go out there and make it happen, whatever their interests or passions.

To see my personal Doolist, please click here. There are links to the Doolist Blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed below.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy Doolist.