Do UK National 3 peaks 24 hour challenge

The National Three Peaks Challenge is a mountain-endurance challenge in Great Britain, with a history of over 40 years, in which participants attempt to climb the highest peaks of each of the island's three countries. Whilst the challenge has no official rules or time restrictions, many participants try to complete it within 24 hours, or more leisurely over a weekend, using motorised transport to travel between the mountains. Some participants choose to start and finish th... read more »

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  • UK National 3 peaks 24 hour challenge

    Had an awesome time tackling the 3 highest mountains in England, Scotland & Wales. There's a very comprehensive review from DK - i'd add a few pieces of advice: 1/take plenty of food, i hit a wall about 3/4 of the way up Snowdon! As soon as i had some more fuel in me i was ready to push on and head back home. 2/Take a driver, originally we intended to share the driving, due to an injury 1 of our party offered to take care of this and the other walkers benefited greatly! Also when you arrive at Snowdon the acr park is normally very busy, i know people who have missed out on the 24 hour limit simply by not being able to park. read the full review »

    Reviewed: 11 Sep 2011

  • Grim weather but good to do

    Snowstorm on Ben Nevis, rain and no visibility on Scafell but truend out nice for Snowdon. good pub at Betws-y-Coed for post climbing grub! read the full review »

    Reviewed: 08 Sep 2011

  • 250 complete

    I didn't eat haribo or eat natural bars again for months!

    This was done by me, Whealie, Scof, Ol, Liam and Rob. We started at the bottom of Ben Nevis on June 4th 2010 at around 4pm. This seems to be a popular time so you spend minimal time climbing in the dark on any of the three peaks. There were a lot of groups setting of at similar times. This was probably the biggest climb but we were fresh and keen so it was a quick climb. There was snow at the top, had our tea then raced back down. We had decided to run down as much of the downhill sections as possible to save time, we jumped into the van at the bottom after circa 4 hours walking, stopped of at MacDonalds then got on our way to Scafell... read the full review »

    Reviewed: 18 Aug 2011

  • 3peaks

    great laugh... get a driver read the full review »

    Reviewed: 16 Aug 2011

  • 3 peaks

    i needed to be a lot fitter for this. i would make sure you have a gps for this as we got lost in some serious fog which made the compass useless. read the full review »

    Reviewed: 15 Aug 2011